Tuesday, September 8, 2009


"y-you okay, Dave"
"Yeah, I-I think so..."
"Thinking isn't a good thing, you gotta know,"
"Ugh. I can't tell. Is that... IS THAT MY LEG!?"
"Keep it down, Dave. You might alert another Deathclaw,"
"Wait a minute. When did I pass out?"
"Five minutes after that Deathclaw shredded through the 'Ghouls. Thank God, you were metal and I was covered in blood, so the dumb thing thought we were dead,"
*more moaning*
"You sure you're gonna be okay, man?"
"Yeah... Yeah. Turning on the microphone was a bit harder with half of my wiring shot. We anywhere near Big Town?"
"Just outside it. I don't think you'll be able to walk with just a single leg, much less me."
"What happened?"
Couple of scratches... nothing too major..."
"Left pocket... syringe. Jab that in your neck. It has nanomachines in it, same as me. It'll heal up those wounds pretty fast, but it won't last as long as mine. I'm full of em. Can you hand me my leg too?"
"You okay!?"
"Yeah... that was tingly. Here,"
"Okay, AG! There... keg's back ooo...."
"Dave? DAVE?"
"Ugh... I need... to make it to Red..."
"There's a man from the Commonwealth in Shady Sands. I'll take you there,"
[Connection Lost]
[1 hour later]
"What in the? Sam? Sam!? Sam!"
"Good to see you awake."
"Not used to the green?"
"Green? Okay. Nightvision. What happened?"
"Night Ghoul eyes. Decided to try one myself. Gves you a kick. I shoved one in your mouth about a minute ago,"
"Ugh. I auto took a picture. Where are we?"
"Welcome to Shady Sands, my friend. Home of a bunch of people under constant Deathclaw Raids,"
"How so?"
"Just fought off about 3 of 'em."
"Well, you get us any jobs?"
"Yeah, actually. We got a radscorp' infestation. Reminds me of the time when Spiketails were raiding my home town's farm..."
"Radiated Beavers. They grew massive with spikey tails,"
"Yeah. Got it."
"Well, we better pack up for the job."
"We got a place to sleep?"
"The best I could find was a crashed camper. Just one matress though."
"I'll stay up. Not much of a big deal. As long as my eyes stay in their sockets I'll be able to solve the scorpion problem,"
"Well, this was day 21. Later."

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