Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Day 15,

Finally, I'm home, and I have scars to prove the trip. Simms didn't recognize me, so I told him what happened. I got attacked by these really, really weird things called Night Ghouls, or at least that's what my HUD calls them. Yeah, I have a HUD implanted in my eyes. Same thing with my camera. Today I'm going to implement my Data Cartridge thing with my eyes, and I'll be able to take pictures, the only problem is I may not be able to hide the HUD from the pictures. That'll take some time.

Red gave me a few new things, and she said that after her friend, Sticky got back to Big Town, they'd work together on this suit of power armor that will push my abilities to their extent, as well as give me a boost. I still have some business to take care of here, but as soon as I'm done with the slavers, I'm off towards some place called 'Smith Casey's Garage'. Apparently my dad was last located there. I can also walk around outside without anyone worrying, because no one knows about a 'Dave' that lives in Megaton. I'm also taller, almost as tall as a human, thanks to Red. I'll remember to ask her if I need anything to happen.

Wadsworth, my robotic butler, understood I was an android before I had figured out myself. He mentioned something about the 'Machine Spirit' as well. Talking about the 'Emperor' that created him. I think something's malfunctioning, because as far as I know RobCo built him. I think I should see if I can work on him and mess around with his processing unit to find out if it's a virus or something else. I also saw that a burglar broke into my house. He stole my Oasis clothing, but saw my journal and let it be. I guess Wadsworth was doing a system reboot because he doesn't have any recordings of the burglary.

I need to go out searching for that map again, I left it in the bomb. I'll write tomorrow about what i found


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