Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Long Hike

[I'm working on downloading FOOK2, but no one's answering my questions on the load order. I cannot take pictures until I understand how to install FOOK2]

Day 19,

I went on my way to Rockopolis today. I couldn't find the entrance, so I've been wandering around trying to find anything interesting. I don't have much to say, except I saw a man running into this garage. As I walked by it, I could've sworn I heard some loud grinding noise coming from underneath me. I went over, and I think I saw a rock that looked movable, but for some reason I just couldn't focus on it.

On my way over, I saw someone that was drunk. They were wandering around, and when I came around the corner there was nothing there. I might be hallucinating, but I swear I saw someone. Maybe they found the entrance to Rockopolis. I was walking around there and I noticed the boulder was moved, but it might be a Deathclaw nest. I'm not going in there today, but in daylight tomorrow I'll go inside.

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