Saturday, September 19, 2009

500 Views (Almost)

500 Views!!!!!!(Almost)

Almost 500 views! I won't be able to check out tomorrow, and I'm guessing that five vies will probably be gained in between now and tomorrow. So, here are some of the mods I've been using. I haven't quite been able to try out ALL the mods from my advertisement forum (sorry, guys) but I managed to fit in a few of them. To start:

Return To Shady Sands

==This was a fun one. I really liked it, but if you're not 18+ I don't recommend it, there are a few "dirty" parts. This may make people want to play it more, but I tried. The story took a while, and I wanna say I had fun. I didn't do all of it on the Exile, but I managed to try it out.

The verdict: ****

I had to restart my game because of some glitch when I planted the charge, when I leveled up there, I crashed the game. If I went and killed somethig else until I leveled up, it orked fine. I'm not sure what happened.


==Eveyone knows FOOK is great, and I'm prtty sure most people will like it. Not sure what all to say, kinda difficult to explain it.

The verdict: *****

Come one, you can't deny FOOK 5 stars, it's just awesome sauce. In a can.

MMMF3 RC 4.1

==Loved it. liked beingable to incorporate the (may) Night ghoul attacks, and victim of Feral Ghoul Rampage and Increased Spawns, I must say this is a great mod. With the now FOOK2 compatibility, this is perfect for anyone that likes this game.

The verdict: *****

Same with FOOK, but this one's in a box, not a can.


==I know, I linked ths a while back. I just think I should show it off.

The verdict: ****

I liked it, the music sure did give me a fright, and the song REALLY fit the Night Ghoul swarms, it always seemed to change to an awesome song when I saw the first blip on my radar. I give tis 4, though, because sometimes the song would just not fit, especially when I was fighting a deathclaw, it felt like changeing the station just because there weren't enough "Extreme Horror" songs in the play list, but hey. That's just me.

If I'm right, I got all of my mods that I'm using right now tat coincide with the story. Now for Future Mods!


Okay, these are some of the mods that I'll be using soon enough, depending on how some other things are going.

A Note Easily Missed


Callighans Mindblast-Psychic Powers

Warhammer 40K Space Marine Armor

I hope you guys like these mods, and you'll have to wait until these get used to find out how they ARE used. Any guess you make will be (most likely) crushed. Just like the--- Nevermind. That's another story for another time.

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