Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Seeing in the Dark and other Scientific Anomalies

Day 16,

Yup. Another one of those days. I found out whereI was supposed to go, and I met a girl named Moira. I told her what was going on, and, it turns out, she used to work with James. She said something about Technicaly being my mother, but I zoned out. She told me James made me a few upgrade packages in case I made my way out of Oasis. I figured I wouldn't tell Moira how I got out of Oasis, but she just pushed a button and I was out. I mean, not like I fell asleep, it's like I just... I don't have any memory spanning from 8:00 to noon. She said something about turning me off, but I don't care. Let me get to the point.

Among Moira's enhancements I am almost a human. She gave me some sort of artificial blood, but it's really nanobots. They'll cure me of any poisons, repair my.. skin if it get's damaged, that sort of thing. Just to make sure I can live a long... life. I can regrow my limbs now, the nanobots have these generators that can create metal and repair me in about.. 2.5 milliseconds. So, if my arm gets cut off, the gap is immediately repaired before it gets to far away from my body. I also see at night. I have this implant in my eyes that allows me to see in the dark, and she told me that the other people that worked with me had a bunch of other implants they dropped all over the place. Along with that, I can turn invisible. I have this object with nodes built in under my skin, that allows me to turn transparent. It's awesome.

On top of all this, I now have solar chargers. As long as it's daytime, I can do anything I want. I'm almost done implanting that camera in my eye, and I put it just in front of my hud, so unless I rearrange on the fly, you won't have to look at my system repair levels, battery power, or crosshair. Oh, crud. The thieve's back just a second.

Get back here you coward!

What do you mean? I just tripped and-- AUGH!!!!!

*smack, smack smack BANG!*

Please, don't--- AHHHHH!!!!


I love my flamer. It makes everything better.


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