Thursday, September 10, 2009

[DAY 24]

"Ugh. You sure this is the guy?"
"My HUD says it is, and it runs blood samples. Hate to say it, but Raz is dead."
"Heh. This is gonna be good, eh?"
"What, how do you mean?"
"We get unrestrained vengeance on these damn scorpions. And from where this note is leading, this ain't gonna go well with Bebe."
"Yeah. We sure do have a colorful time."
"I have no idea why I came down here."
"That was random."
"Just tryin' to start a conversation"
"In front of a dead body? Lemme get a pic, then we'll be off to break the ice,"
"Bebe? We have something to talk to you about..."
"It's about Razlo... we found this note. It mentioned you."
"Him? I'm glad we broke up!"
"Raz is..."
"Dead, He's dead."
"Oh. Oh my god. Did he have any sort of letter?"
"Yeah, uh, here."
*uncontrollable sobbing*
"Are you... Are you gonna be okay?"
"Ye-yeah. *sobs* I'll be fine"
"Alright. Let's get some rest, and in the mornin' we'll stop by a store and pick up some heavy weapons,"
"Got it, Dave. See ya tomorrow"

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