Friday, September 11, 2009

[DAY 25]

"You got those Satchels ready, Dave?"
"Yeah just a- *RATATATATAT* - Just a second..."
"Alright, I'll finish ths off and you can had out. I'll push the switch,"
"*pant pant* SAAAAAAM!?"
"Sam? Sam! You doing okay?"
"Considering I fell fifty feet after a huge explosion... I'm doin' fine"
"Oh tahnk god, I thought oyu died in that explosion! Why'd you blow it up when you were still in there?"
"The Queen was proving too tough. Had to 'splode something, ya know?"
"Ugh. Whatever. Let's justgo home and--"
"This.. piece of paper. Just blew across my leg. Just a minute..."
"What's that?"
"Some sort of letter."
"Well, there's our adventure for tomorrow!"
"Yeah, I'll have to think about this. Meet ya back at the trailer?"
"Yeah, see ya"

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