Thursday, September 3, 2009

Rockopolis and Revenge

[Yup. Another feedback request. I guess no one cares to tell me what they think, but I'm seriously running out of ideas. If anyone wants me to introduce their character into the story, (other than Devs) I'll do my best. I have a save at the vault, so I can do anything I feel like. Also, if you want to suggest some strange push into the story, type it up like I would type my 'journal' entries, I'll copy and paste. Think of it as a make your own adventure. Just email me. ALSO my Print Screen button is almost fixed, I just have to click it into place. Pictures available tomorrow!]

Day 17,

Well, a couple of strange things have been going on. I went out to some abandoned school, and it looks like a bunch of people came in and killed everything. I'm gonna leave a note at Devs' doorstep for him to meet me at Oasis. I have to make a stop before we move towards Paradise Falls. Plus, it's not too long of a walk. I feel I have... unfinished business, I need to learn a bit more about my history. After this, I won't need to do anything with Devs anymore. He can live his life, and we'll both get our revenge. But then again... maybe I can do this myself. I'll give him an option. He'll either drop his note in the empty shell of the bomb, or I'll go alone. It's his choice, and I have a strange feeling that he'll pick the first one. I'll be in his debt, and he call on the almighty Favor any time he needs after this, but I need to get this off my... chest.

I think I might go searching for some fable of the wasteland. I've heard things about a Rockopolis, but I need to know more abou--- oh, wait. Here comes the feed. Just a minute

Hmm, it may not be such a good idea to go there. I read something about Herbert "Daring" Dashwood, and it said thatRockopolis is uninhabited because of slavers. More the reason to wipe out Paradose Falls. Who knows, I may find something interesting there, though. I think it's interesting, because my android abilities allow me to hack any terminal with a single thought. I have to go though, I need to write that letter to Devs. I hope to get an answer tomorrow, but I'm giving him a week to decide. This IS his chance, though. He can make up for Lucky's capture, and I think that Lucky is still alive.


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