Tuesday, September 15, 2009

[DAY 26-29]

"Are you okay!?"
"I... I don't feel well..."
"I wouldn't, not if I was in your place."
"What? *cough* What happened? And did I just cough?"
"Yeeeeah, don't you remember what happened?"
"Here, lemme find the recordings...."
"Is that my hard drive?"
"If you'll give me a second..."

[DAY 26]
"We have GOT to stop going out at night..."
"Sorry, man. Figured we could make it back before AUGH!"
"I got ya, Sam!"
"Okay, ready the nuke!"
"Get out of here Sam!"
"Way ahead of ya!"
"You okay, Dave?"
"Yeah, just little scrambled."
Feeeeel the FEV
"Wait,did you hear that?"
"Hear what?"
Let it CONSUME you...
"There it was again!"
"Maybe we should get you checked out..."
"ACK! What was that!?"
"What was WHAT!?"
"Like.. like a prick on my neck...."
"Yeah, let's head back to Big Town."
"No, we're closer to Megaton. Let's finish out.. AGH!!!"

[DAY 27]
"Okay, the next medical caravan is on it's way, let's get going..."
"What was that?"
Efffffffffffffffff eeeeeeeeeeeeee"
"Okay, Dave, you're starting to creep me out..."

[DAY 28]
"Is, is there anything you can do, Doc?"
"I'm not a doctor, I'm an engineer. But I'll see what I can do"
"What on Earth...!?"

"What was in that last one...?"
"Here, see a few pictures"
"Why can't I take my own..?"
"Just look at these!"
"Oh my...."
"You're lucky that man could help you. He just managed to pull out your mainframe before the brain developed"
"I'm... I'm human?"
"Not exactly. Your bones are some synthetic material that produce those nanobots like regular blood cells... It's like you evolved from a regular android to... this"
"Who helped me?"
"Washington, Picleman, I don't know. He saw us while we crossed the broken bow of Rivet City. He pulled us in, and now you're still alive"
"This is strange... wait, weren't we supposed to go to Megaton?"
"Simms said that the man you're looking for headed here when we got there."
"Great. Just a big game of Cat and Mouse."

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