Sunday, September 20, 2009

An announcement

[Okay, I'm starting to think of a few things about this story. I'm really thinking about dropping this thing. I haven't really been playing Fallout for fun anymore, and mainly the only times I'm able to open it up is fo screenshots. Sure, every now and again I start playing for fun, but not often enough for it to be a fun experience. Sorry to all my loyal readers, but I'm running out of ideas. I'll also be deleting some of my previous posts, due to on the spot story changes. If you have any good ideas for me, just email with ideas. Thanks to a lot of things coming up I haven't been able to post daily like when I started the blog. If I get ideas, though, I'll keep the thing up and running.]

Day 33,

Yup. Back to the pen and paper. I like Rivet City. It's fun here, but there's something odd about this "Harkness" character. I think Red might have known something when I first met her. I also found a few leads on that book labeled "The New Church". I don't know why I write in this. I might stop, because there really is no point in it. I'm not important in any way, so no one will find this important. Tomorrow, Sam and I are on our way out the door (again). I need to get back to Oasis. It's time for vengeance. Maybe, I might actually take care of John while I'm there... On other news, I think I might go ahead and take out Oasis. Throw away the garbage. It's hard to believe I was raised with a bunch of people who shun Technology. Irony at it's finest, eh?

I was listening to Galaxy News Radio today, and apparently there's some "Lone Wanderer" That helped him boost his radio signal. I still remember his words, they kind of stick with me "You can't stop the signal!" Sounds oddly familiar.... On note of this "Church" there's a Christianity church here, and they said the writing on the book reminds them of "The Church of Atom". Typical. It was sitting under my nose the whole time. Why was there a bible of church just recently made, in a slave pen? I'll find this answer soon enough.

I have to go, I think Sam is getting crazy with Li. Farewell until next time,


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